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Voice Over Phoenix - Russ Walton Voice Talent Phoenix Announcer Narrator Voiceover
Once again, welcome to the Jack Of All Pipes Russ Walton Voice Talent page for Phoenix, AZ! I came to Phoenix (aka PHX) in 1991 from the East Coast. Most of my family originated from the area, so it had been a long-time goal for me to eventually relocate there. After working at several Arizona radio stations and being a Phoenix voice over talent, Phoenix narrator and Phoenix announcer at a few "Valley Of The Sun" TV outlets, I moved to Northern AZ and started the Jack Of All Pipes Studios. Over the past 20 years, I've been involved in the media and broadcasting industries in one form or another ... as a dee-jay, doing voice over work, being a live announcer, narrator, TV personality, script and copy writer, and even a newspaper journalist.
Aug. 15, 2014:
AWESOME!!! Though I get more voice over business from my websites, I do indeed have an agent, Dani's Talent Agency in Phoenix, who has a special page dedicated to VO talents. Occasionally, I land a good job from them and this past August was no exception! I landed the voice-over slot as a blustering coach addressing kids on the latest round of "Got Milk?" radio ads for the Phoenix and Arizona market. It was cool, because the producers told me that among all the other announcers and voice talents, I just happened to capture the attitude the producers were looking for. Wow! This was purely by accident ... it was a voice over learning opportunity, too. I was straining my voice trying to get the right style, when my wife suggested I just drop the act, be myself and just wing it. It worked! Now my voice for that ad (my natural voice, I might add) is being heard all over the southwest region. I suppose that's the secret of good voice acting, though ... imagine the emotions of that character and just be yourself, but with those emotions. Icing on the voice-over narration cake, I was surprised hen I got an email from a friend in Scottsdale asking me if someone stole my milk! Good pay, too. Can't wait for the next voice over, announcer, or narrator gig from my agent!

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