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DeeJay’s and voice talents on the radio or on TV are often assigned the title of professional announcer, but we will focus on the other half of the announcing world –– hosting and MC-ing (or emcee-ing). For any live event, the announcer plays a crucial role. The professional announcer is responsible for getting the audience enthused and keeping the them entertained during downtimes.


Truth is, the announcer or professional emcee is really playing the role of an entertainer. As an entertainer, the announcer guages the audience and chooses ways of keeping them happy.


Another crucial duty of the professional emcee or professional host is making sure the sponsors and vendors happy as well. Sponsors and vendors provide necessary event funding and their payoff includes mentions by the professional announcer.


Hire Russ Walton as a Professional Announcer, Live announcer, or professional emcee. For the best events, use Russ for Live announcer demos, professional emcee samples, or professional announcer demo, cuts of live announcer and perhaps professional emcee as well as the professional announcer. Russ Walton provides Professional announcer services, and is a long time professional emcee or mc services.

Watch out for the dangerous part of being the emcee –– mispronunciation. Getting a name wrong is the single most offensive faux pas an MC or professional announcer can make. Get a list of the names of the participants and key players and have them spelled phonetically. Practice the names before the event and you should be good to go.


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“Mr. Walton was the best choice we could have made for the recent U.S./China Fossil Fuels Energy Conference in San Francisco. We were pleased with Mr. Walton’s level of professionalism and very pleased he was able to correctly pronounce the names of our foreign dignitaries.”
----- Marjorie Jean-Pierre, United States Energy Association

"We located Russ online when we needed a booth MC for an awards presentation for our client's national sales meeting held in Tucson. He not only delivered the perfect announcer voice, he was professional, exciting, reliable, and fun."
------- Jerry Slomski, The Slomski Group

“We were very impressed at Russ Walton’s announcing. Though it was his first time at our event, he carried it off like he’d been there a million times before. We’ll be using him again next year!”
----- Mirja Campbell, Valley Of The Sun Cheerleading Championships

"Russ is a true professional and can effectively deal with whatever is thrown at him. He's got a great voice, fun demeanor and is a pleasure to work with."
------- Rob Rossi, Cargill Productions

"Our crowds always appreciate Russ’s fun and knowledgeable announcing style. He involves the spectators, talks to the racers and makes people want to come back for the next race!"
------- Chachy Zavala, NSDA Race Director

"We’ve hired other announcers in the past, but we stick with Russ for one simple reason – he puts on a great show!"
------- Freddy Smith, Avi Resort & Casino

"Russ Walton is simply one of the all-time best announcers I’ve heard!"
------- Dennis Reick, Top Fuel Driver

"We're always amazed at Russ. He is a gem of an emcee. He has a warm and fun way about him and he's a real Johnny-on-the-Spot with ad-libbing and script changes."
------- Diana Croteau, Annual Historic Route 66 Pageant

"Russ is a true professional. He not only knows his way around the track, but always has fun and entertaining contests and banter with the spectators. We racers really like him, too!"
------- Dan Allen, Top Alcohol Driver

"Mr. Walton’s services helped bring our racing events to the next level. His delivery and experience ads a real professional touch to our shows. We’ll be hiring him again and again."
------ Ernesto Juarez, Dome Valley Raceway Owner
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