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Voice Over Seattle is the Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon and Boise Idaho page of Russ Walton Voice Talent's nationwide voice over and audio production website. Delivering Professional Seattle Voice-overs and services by a Seattle announcer and Seattle narrator. Hire Voice Over Seattle today for quality Seattle Voice Talent for commercials, promos, station imaging, web videos, corporate videos, educational and documentary video narration. Also Voiceover Portland Oregon announcer and narrator. This web page features voice over Seattle in addition to Seattle voiceovers and Seattle Voice Talent. Listen to Seattle Washington voice over demos, voiceover Portland samples, Boise voice talent services. Look no further for experienced Idaho voiceovers, or perhaps voice over Oregon production. Seattle voice-over in Washington.



Here's some stuff I've discovered along the way that may help the newbie voice artist. If youíre going to be a Seattle voice over talent, keeping your pipes trained and in good shape is crucial. That doesnít mean simply focusing on your sound, but also your delivery, which is especially important for Seattle announcers.


So, how do you heal your voice if it gets scratchy or rough and you need to perform a Seattle voiceover project. Causes can range from smoking to colds and flu, but most often over-use where your voice box gets irritated and tightens up, not too good for a Seattle voice talent. There are many over-the-counter products like teas or lozenges for the throat that work well over time. But if you need a quick fix for a Seattle Oregon or Idaho announcer gig, there's always alcohol. Yes, I know. Dangerous but it works! Be advised we're not talking about a professional Seattle voice actor or Seattle announcer getting drunk or a narrator being loaded before the job. A small sip is all you need. People are different, so feel free to experiment a bit but for me, Iíve found the best to be peppermint schnapps. It has enough alcohol to relax the vocal chords, but wonít get you completely snockered. And your breath will be fresh.




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