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Denver Voice Over is the Denver Colorado page of the Jack Of All Pipes/Russ Walton Voice Talent global voice over & audio production service. Voicing services for commercials, web-corporate-educational video narration, promos and station imaging, live hosting & announcing.  

Here's some stuff on copy & scriptwriting that may be useful for Denver voice over talents ... These days, it seems the basic skills of writing have gone bye-bye. Still, most narrators, professional Denver announcers and Denver voice talents have enough experience to quickly spot copy/script problems. Due to that, there's a profitable niche for Colorado voice over artists who can effectively write or edit script and copy. Here are some more pointers to help with Denver voice over copy and Colorado narrator scripts.


1.) Less is more. A common 30-second script should be no more than 70-90 words. Double that formula for a :60. The less fluff you try to stuff, the more the Denver voice talent or narrator will be able to emphasize key words. Many advertisers try to cram in as much as possible, but that makes for poor sound and is ultimately a waste of their advertising dollar.

2.) Repetition, Repetition, Repetition! Marketing pros everywhere will tell you that repetition trumps content. It’s true! These days, people’s minds are easily distracted. Most people won’t remember what you said five minutes earlier. If a Denver voice talent produces a spot where a phone number only appears  once, then the listener won’t remember it. Repeat numbers or other important points at least three times throughout the commercial.


Also, diplomatically (careful of the ego's!) making suggestions to improve the voice over copy will get you recognized by your clients if you do it right and they’ll come back.



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