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Voice Over Article #8:  Character Voices and Comedy



One of the most fun things you can do as a professional Dallas voice talent or a professional Dallas announcer is to do character voices for comical spots, comedy skits or parodies. Itís certainly been one of the most rewarding parts for me, and who doesnít like to laugh?


But, how do you come up with great characters? Imitate! The top writers and performers will agree that the best way to come up with a character is to imitate someone you know or someone youíve heard. For most Dallas voice over specialists, it doesnít have to be a celebrity. For a Dallas voiceover job that requires an older character, how about imitating that crusty old neighbor next door? For a cowboy, how about that guy down the street whoís always singing country tunes. For a sweet lady voice over, how about your mom? Can you see what Iím getting at?


If youíre asked to imitate a celebrity for a certain Dallas voice over job, donít be intimidated. Like anything else, practice is key. If you practice a few celebrity voices that you enjoy and over again, youíll find that in a very short time, youíll be able to sound much like them when doing voice over work. If youíre already pretty good at imitating people in your family or your neighbors/friends, you may find that one of those voices closely matches an existing celebrity, with a little tweaking.


Of course, everyone has limits. Youíll never be able to effectively imitate a high-pitched lady if youíre a male Dallas voice talent with a naturally deep voice. Thatís why itís always a good thing to have a few other people you can contact for special Dallas voiceovers. However, sometimes itís possible to change your voice over style a great deal with the proper equipment ... a voice effects processor and an equalizer. Experiment in your downtime and have fun! The more variations and characters you can offer a client, the more jobs youíll get!
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