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Welcome to the Russ Walton/Jack Of All Pipes Voice Over, Narrator and Live Announcer page for Houston, TX.

With 20 years of professional experience, Russ Walton can provide voices for just about anything you need: Commercials, promotional spots, film trailers, video and flash narration, radio & TV imaging, and more with easy rates.

Russ is also a veteran MC and Live Announcer. Scroll down for a link to his Professional Announcer page!

Voice Over Houston is owned by Arizona-based Jack Of All Pipes/Russ Walton Voice Talent, a nationally advertised voice over service for ads, web video narration, corporate video narration, educational video/documentary narration, station imaging and promos, film trailers, and more.

Here's a little article I wrote some time ago that may be helpful to other Houston voiceover artists. A Houston voice talent or a Houston announcer or a Houston narrator knows full well the amount of competition in the voice over Houston industry. The fact is, for every 1 job there are hundreds, if not thousands of voice over professionals and announcers vying for it.

It’s a complete numbers game but don't worry, eventually yours will come up. The key is persistence ... don't ever stop ... keep going and keep trying for those gigs. This is one way the industry naturally “thins the herd” when it comes to voice over Houston providers. A Houston Texas announcer might find a competing Houston Texas narrator get the job they wanted and just give up altogether. Well, don’t be a sucker. Even the best, multi-million-dollar Houston voice talents will go as much as a month or two without work.

Once you’re committed to your craft, there are a few tips that can help:

1.) We’ve discussed persistence, but how about being unique? This is a common problem for amateurs. Don't bother trying to be every possible voice for every possible job. You can't. Choose the voice style you’re most comfortable with. Instead, practice that style and become really good at it.

2.) Cultivate your client relationships. As any decent businessperson can tell you, repeat business is the best there is and this philosophy applies to just about any line of work. When you secure a client, aim to be their go-to guy for Houston voice overs and get future work from that client. Communicate with them every once in a while by saying "Hello" on the holidays with an email or a card. Offer discounts for some projects. Make it easy for them to work with you by being easy to work with. Avoid whining or complaining or that other Houston voice talent you're competeing with will end up getting the job.

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