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Welcome to the Jack Of All Pipes Los Angeles Voiceover page. Voice Talent Russ Walton offers a wide range of styles and sounds for your commercial and promotional voicing needs. That not only includes radio and TV spots, but web/corporate/documentary video narration, phone greetings, in-store announcements and more! With the Jack Of All Pipes studios, Russ can also fully produce your audio needs with quick turnaround. Check out our great rates and feel free to contact us!


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July 10, 2014:


Almost all current Los Angeles voice talents started out in the radio broadcasting industry. This is completely logical since being in radio, one would use virtually the same equipment and methods in doing voiceovers Los Angeles style. Some L.A. VO pros got their start in TV and some in acting, but none that I’m aware of have ever simply stepped into it blind and gotten work (unless you count that homeless guy from the news).

Many voice talents have their own home or office studio where they do the majority of  their recording. However, many times, a voice over LA artist may be asked to travel to another private studio to do the work. These are called “live sessions,” and allow the producer or client to have direct interaction with the Los Angeles voice talent for purposes of direction.

Paraphrasing from a good article there. I've been to L.A. many times. I remember once going over there for a few days to pass out air checks/resumes to a bunch of LA-area and surrounding stations. It took several days and cost bookoo bucks ... never got a call back or even a rejection letter. Of course, that was many years ago and I'm much wiser now. My main mistake back then, I think, was never doing any follow-up. Sounds basic, but once I had returned from that trip, I was too busy with regular work to follow up on anything. Oh well, live and learn!




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