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Hi, I'm voice talent Russ Walton. Thank you once again for checking out Voice Over San Francisco, the San Fran page for my nationwide voice over, announcing and audio production service.

Together with the Jack Of All Pipes studios, I offer a wide range of male voice styles to suit your needs, be it for commercials, station promos & imaging, web video narration, corporate/retail training & marketing videos, documentaries, educational pieces, film trailers, phone greetings or more! I'm also a professional emcee & announcer offering experience in everything from pagents to drag races to high-end government conferences. Check out my services & rates page for more info!

Voice Acting:  Voice acting is doing a voice over or being a narrator in the style of a certain chosen character, usually for animation, audio books, video games or film. People calling themselves “voice actors” are mainly voice over talents who are able to act. On the other hand, many voice talents are also known actors. We’ve all heard stars like James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, Dennis Leary and others voice commercials for larger clients. However, just as many voice actors aren’t on-screen actors. For example, remember the voice of Optimus Prime in the old Transformers show –– he is a voice talent who also went on to do the voice over for the

same role in the new string of Transformers films. A good example of a voice actor that you won’t see on the screen. You're viewing the Voice Over San Francisco page.

For a lot of voiceover San Francisco professionals, voice acting is a nice sidebar to their regular business, and it can be for you. The same holds true for San Francisco announcers. The only thing is, you have to be able to act. Page also geared towards San Francisco Voice Talent.

This is a skill we all had at one time, but probably forgot. Remember when you were a kid? It was a lot easier to pretend you were someone else, wasn't it? Reason is, while we get older reality (and stress!) takes over and as time goes on, it gets harder to break back into fantasy. A good example is the work of a San Francisco narrator.

So the secret to being a decent San Francisco voice over actor is never growing up? COOL!


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